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A custom-coded community website built for gamers that were looking for a place to connect, exchange ideas, and brag about their stats. Built from the grounds up, this feature packed website incorporated everything on our clients wish list.

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  • Web & App
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The MMOGOSU team came to us with a need to build an online experience they have dreamt about for years. A niche community website that catered to a target audience with specific interests and networking opportunities that were not available through similar gaming forums.


Dijutsu sat down and began the research process with MMOGOSU. Putting ourselves in their shoes while conducting analysis, sketches, datamapping, prototyping and developement. The end product was testiment to what you can build when you understand your clients vision and requirements. The functionality and user expereince were the key areas of interest that helped attract and retain visitors to continue using their community website. SEO optimization was on the docket as well, relying heavily and media feeds, optimized backlinks and visitor contribution to content. The result was a thriving portal for gamers and a favorable Google ranking for people to find them.

UX Design & Development

Research. Plan. Create.


User Experience Research

A competitive analysis was put into play to see how others solved issues, where we didnt have to reinvent the wheel. User feedback was also collected from a panel of individuals that fit personas to help shape the function and form of the website. After many sketches and rounds of prototyping we eventually created an experience that both parties were confident with.

Web & DB Development

Web & Database Development

A complete redesign of MMOGOSU's website and database, was the first to building a site that would encompass all of the features that users were expecting our of a leading gamers community. The extensive relationships between the tables in the database are too numerous to count, but all come together to work as a comprehensive and well oiled machine. Included with the web & database developement, was a custom build content management suite, that allowed not ownly the admins, but moderators of the site to update the site without any coding and/or technical knowlege.


A wishlist that we couldn't refuse

Live Stream Feeds - Twitch

Live Stream Feeds

Pulling live video feeds directly from Youtube and Twitch helped with flooding the website with fresh and relevant content. Visitors are able to keep up with our library of content rich videos.

Tools & Resources

Player Tools & Resources

A calculator for gamer content was built for the website. Not only did it served its purpose, but helped with luring in organic traffic from Google and the websites adoption rate.

Player Data Repository

Player Data Repository

A complex and data-rich repository was built for MMOGOSU's visitors to upload and share with the community. Form and function were vital during the build. Players were able to learn and keep tabs on other player statistics.

Team Building

Team Building

What a community website without a feature to teambuild and network. Players were able to meet and collabrate with the other players to form teams and show off their alliance to the world.

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