Banana Madness

Banana Madness

Yetacorp's Banana Madness mobile app is a fun and highly addictive stacking game that will make you go 'bananas' for more.

  • 100,000+ minutes of gameplay
  • 10,000+ in customer inquiries
  • 1000+ in email signups


An acquistion marketing strategy that was geared towards generating awareness, impressions, and downloads. Utilizing resources from community forums, video, social channels, paid ads and even word of mouth. The results spoke for themselves after the planned growth hack.

  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Digital
  • Video


Yetacorp came to Dijutsu looking for assistance in strategizing a marketing blitz campaign. With most apps having their success measured in the frist few month of launch, it was imperative that we utilize the right channels and resources with the most impact for Yetacorp.


Yetacorp, and indie gamers alike, were looking for a strategy that garnered results surrounding customer engagment and retention. A fact that most mobile apps begin slipping out of this in the first month, our job was to ensure that we were using the right tools and resources to aid in incremental 'wins' with metrics and KPIs that were sustainable.

Our strategy consisted of collabroating with the online press, gaming app review sites and forums, social media channels to initate 'buzz' and share updates, a product video that would be leveraged for pre launch inititaives, and lastly, paid advertisement in Facebook as one of the leading drivers for our acquisition tunnel.

Social Engagement

Social Media Marketing

Utilization of the right social channels that would yield the best results

  • Setup and management of social channels to ensure market penetration: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.
  • 'Facebook Connect' within app for quick profile integration and 'Challenge' mode with Facebook friends.
  • Creation of Press Kit as sales collateral for game reviews sites and forums product pitch.
  • Contest, giveaways and trending hashtag #bananamadnesschallenge to amplify word of mouth and traction.

Facebook Ads + Ad Revenue

Paid advertisment to help generate awareness and downloads

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Facebook ads made sense, as our demographic resided mostly on this social channel, we also leverage Instagram as the propertiory ad manager helped with both through Facebook.



To help pay for the development and produce revenue, in-app ads were introduced. After careful analysis and focus testing, optimal placement, size and ad-type were refined.

App Promo Video

A game walk through video for users to see features and quickly understand how to play.

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